Wonders of nature

If Umbria is the green heart of Italy, Acquasparta is the green of Umbria that flows together with the strength of the waters that surround it, lull it and make it one of the richest cities in Italy (sources) and waters.

The Fonte dell’Amerino with its legendary birth by the hand of St. Francis, where the water preferred by Vate D’Annunzio still flows today, is complemented by the Source of Furapane.

Scattered waters (“Ad Aquas Partas”) that since the time of the Romans gave the name to these places and to this Umbrian village. Waters that flow like from the Naia torrent that forms the valley of the same name or that, a few kilometers away, form one of the most impressive natural monuments (even if helped by man) that we call Cascata delle Marmore, which with its 167 meters. of jump make it one of the highest in Europe.