The sources of the Amerino

Acquasparta, the small Renaissance village, in the heart of green Umbria, as suggested by the name of its name, is a city rich in water springs.

Only in the territory of the municipality of the town, there are five springs, two of which are also known as “the waters of San Francesco” as it seems that the poor man of Assisi, passing through these areas, blessed and cured the properties of the waters that they flowed from their respective springs.

Over the years, especially in Acquasparta and Furapane, two spas have been built around the springs that in the 60s and 70s and 80s have made the town of Acquasparta a famous spa destination throughout Italy.

In particular, the hot springs of Amerino, were organized to accommodate the many tourists who came to the area to take care of themselves thanks to the healing properties of the spring water.

Over the years, the thermal myth has diminished and today remains a natural park today closed due to the damage caused by the 2016 earthquake.