Corso dei Lincei

The Corso dei Lincei is the main street of the village of Acquasparta, the one that leads to the Main Square, in front of the Ducal Palace.

It is so named in honor of the members of the Academy of the same name, founded by Duke Federico Cesi II, otherwise known as “the Linceo”. There were four founders of this Academy: Federico, promoter of the initiative, Francesco Stelluti, Anastasio de Filiis and Joannes Van Heek. The four friends and colleagues were the first to found a scientific academy with the principles and goals that characterized that founded in 1603 at the Palazzo Cesi in Rome in Via della Maschera d’Oro.

The Corso dei Lincei is accessed from the current main gate of the town, the one obtained from the city walls which, in the past, were severely attacked by Altobello di Chiaravalle. An attack that cost him his life: Chiaravalle, in fact, was dragged along the course by the enraged crowd and immolated in the main square where the Sparrowhawk drew his heart from his chest.

Along the Corso dei Lincei it is possible to meet some shops, including a bar and the side entrances to the gardens of Palazzo Cesi.
The first, just after the bar, was used in the 60s as a garden by the citizens in which a dance floor known as “Amerinetta” was set up. Over the decades it was also used as an open-air cinema, whose background was nothing less than the majestic loggia of Palazzo Cesi.

A little further on there is the entrance door to the Palace where the painter Carlo Quaglia lived, whose collections were exhibited, among other events, also at the Venice Biennale.
Almost opposite the Quaglia house, there is the side entrance of Palazzo Cesi, the one where presumably they entered it with horses and carriages that then entered the dungeons and then the stables.

The course opens on Piazza Federico Cesi and continues along Corso Umberto I, which leads to the Basilica of Santa Cecilia and the headquarters of the Municipality of Acquasparta.