The small medieval village of Configni extends in a strategic position on the ridge west of Acquasparta and for this reason already around the XI century it was part of the fortification system of Terre Arnolfe.

The toponym derives from the Latin confinum – boundary line and outpost between the XIII and XVI centuries. of the Municipality of Todi of which the coat of arms is preserved within the present village.

The castle then passed to the Orsini family who built those fortifications of which the two small fortresses remain today.


“Real lookout point of the Municipality of Acquasparta, both for its splendid dominant position and for its proximity to the Capital” (Royal Commissioner Cav. R. Martucci 1920).

In fact, the “old road of Configni” quickly connects the village to Acquasparta and the Parco dell’Amerino Terme, and from the belvedere it is possible to admire and penetrate the gentle hilly landscape that opens onto the nearby villages of Rosaro, Casigliano, Selvarelle, on the Valley del Naia and far beyond to Todi, the Amerini Mountains and Monte Peglia.

Configni, with its narrow alleys of summer filled with the chatter of those grandmothers who, if they can, offer you a fregnaccia or a bocconcello and a glass of wine is certainly one of the small and authentic villages to see in Umbria.