Carsulae Archaeological Area

Carsulae was an ancient Roman city that stood near the Via Flaminia, not far from Casventus (San Gemini) and Interamna Nahars (Terni).

The first settlements occurred in the 9th century BC and developed until the 5th century BC but it is with the construction of the Via Flaminia designed by the consul Caio Flaminio that the city had a strong social and economic growth, becoming one of the most important centers of the lower Umbria.

Today next to the archaeological site there is a small visitor and documentation center, decdicated to Umberto Ciotti, the man who first excavated the city of Carsulae bringing to light numerous buildings.

For some years, however, thanks to the support of various universities, including foreign ones (Macquarie and Maesh University in Australia), the Astra Onlus Association has been carrying out very interesting excavation campaigns that bring to light, year after year, new finds that help archaeologists to reconstruct the history of this mysterious Roman city.